Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!!!

Six years ago, on a Sunday..I asked the ladies of the church to pray for my baby to come. I was 10 days over due at that point. I went home and began prepping for Valentines Day.

We do all things red on Valentines and make heart shaped cakes etc.

I cooked and prepped for a Valentines Party the next day.

After falling into bed exhausted at 11pm, I layed down...coughed and my water broke!

12 hours later...on February 14th, 2005--Miss Emma-Leigh Rose was born!

She weighed in at 9lbs 6ozs.

It's funny how the nurses that day were so sweet to me, but they kept saying things like "oh, it stinks your in the hospital on valentine's day" ..

I had to correct them, I was in the hospital for a wonderful event. God has finally, (i know all things in his timing) allowed me to meet number 4 in the line up, and my second daughter!

Emma has been a true blessing to me every since. Her heart is so generous, she is loving and she is spontaneous like me! She likes to have fun, silly fun.. She likes to sing, as a matter a fact she sings all day long. Real songs and songs she makes up as she's playing, doing school, chores whatever!

She loves coffee, fruit, animals, camping, veggies, veggietales, chocolate, and me! ( this last line was dictated by Emma, after me reading her what I wrote) :)

I am thankful to the Lord, for my sweet, sweet girl and her loving heart!!! :)

Emma's Birthday dinner, will be Chicken parm, and an ice cream cake!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On the hunt....

SO I am on the hunt for a good, really good and yummy browine recipe.

I have tried several recipes over the last couple of weeks and nothing, NOT ONE is wowing me at all.

so with that any suggestions out there???

Friday, February 4, 2011

January Birthdays!!

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This post is a little late in coming. In January, we celebrate two birthdays. Both at the end of the month, now that just for our immediate family, but January happens to be a big birthday month on my hubbys side of the family. Eight birthdays total. Unfortunately we don't spend them all together.

In our home, this is how we celebrated ours.

Matthew's comes first, My second child, first son has turned 13 this year. It's hard to believe that we now have TWO teenagers in the house. It feels like time is flying with these guys. And I have so much to teach them yet.

For birthdays we give the option of a favorite meal at home or going out to supper. Matthew chose to have his favorite meal. Spiral Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze, Homemade Mac n Cheese, veggies, and homemade biscuits. For dessert his request was my homemade ice cream cake, he chose oreo for his.

We had Grandma and Pop-Pop over, and Matt has his friend from down the street over.

We enjoyed our supper, and then surprised Matt with a new BMX bike, that he has been wanting for a long time.

We ate our ice cream cake, even though the temp outside was a frigid 29*.

And just had a wonderful evening with the grands! :)

On Hubby's birthday, he wanted to spend the day in Lancaster. Our first order of the day was to pick up the Angel Food Orders for our church outreach and drop it off at church then head to Lancaster. We picked up our order, got back to our home to unload our stuff only to realize that we had the wrong boxes!!! Aaaahhhh! Back to the Angel Food distribution site, for the correct ones. This put us way behind schedule.

But alas at 10:00 am, we were on our way. Lancaster is about a two hour drive for us. The closer we got, you could feel lifes tensions just melting away from us all. All of us except, Daddy ( he was driving) slept in the car. Waking just as we hit one of our favorite sights to see, a big ol' white house and barn with John 3:15 on the side. Ashley commented on how it just feels like home. :)

One of our stops was a continuation for Matthew's birthday, we stopped at a huge Archery Supply Store. Just our luck they we're having a huge competition that weekend. The snow was falling softly and luckily for us we found a parking spot and headed into the Archery store. It was a full house with people qualifying and a live video feed of the competitors that we're in another building. We got a few items for Matthew's bow. Watched a bit of the action and then headed out.

We then headed over to our favorite campground. Pretty much it's the only place we go to in the summer. It just feels like home there. Ashley got some great pictures of the campground, completely covered in snow. The Mennonite family that lives right next door to the campground had their horse drawn sleigh out. It was fun to watch them circle the campground. We chatted with the owners for a bit had coffee and then headed out again.

Off to get some raw milk!!! Oh so yummy raw milk!!!!!! We visited with the Mennonite farmer whom we buy it from for a bit, and got some cheese made with the raw milk as well. We left with 9 gallons of milk and some cheese! :)

Then off to the Shady Maple for some dinner!!! This is a most wonderful scrumdeliumcious smorgasbord. And it was prime rib night!!!!!!!! Daddy got in free since it was technically his birthday!! :) We sat and stuffed ourselves silly! With delicious dutch foods.

By the time we were done it was after 5pm and Lancaster pretty much shuts down at 5pm. All the Amish/Mennonite places are closed. We took a few night time pictures and headed home.

It was a fantastic way to spend the day. I'm almost out of raw milk and am looking for an excuse to head back..........

It's February...Emma's birthday this month........hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

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