Monday, August 1, 2011

Raw Milk

In my lovely state it is illegal to sell raw milk. Now this should be of no surprise, My state is the highest state for the number of vaccines children receive, and has the most pharmaceutical companies in it. We also rank the number one state for autism in boys. 1 in 100 here. A cowinkiedink I think NOT.

Anywho, each month I drive to a raw milk friendly state and pick up my milk for the month. This past weekend was such a time. We had a lovely time away, bringing home 16 gallons of delicious raw milk.

Why the government ever had to mess with milk I will never know!!

If you haven't tried raw milk, I suggest you do so!!! It is sooo delicious!!!

There are sooo many benefits to raw milk, that they far outweigh the risks.

Check out, for more information on that!!!

Some of the health benefits include: raw milk still has the lactose in it. There for it lactose is a problem for you, it won't be when you consume raw milk. It is a natural enzyme that is in the milk to help your body digest it. It's wonderful for teeth!!!! And lets face it, it just plain tastes delicious!!!

Keepin' in raw!!! :)


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  1. It's illegal to buy/sell raw milk for human consumption where I live. I can buy it for my pets to drink. It comes with a sticker that says "for animal consumption only" So every week I go to the farmer's market and buy a gallon of raw milk for my dog (wink,wink) Our government won't allow us to buy raw milk to drink but they allow our food to be genetically altered and don't feel it's necessary to even tell us...Now how crazy is that???


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