Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Modern Day Servants, Blessing or Burden?

I've been pondering this topic for a few weeks now.  My dryer has been out of commission for about a month now. On a typical day I do 4 load of wash! So you can imagine the pile up. :) Lucky for me we've been having a pretty mild winter. More nice days then not nice days.  So the clothes line has been in good use. Hanging laundry for me when I'm alone is so peaceful. I thank God for the clothes, I thank God for the children who are wearing them. Sometimes I get helpers or just little ones who wanna chat with me while I hang. :)

Since the Mr. and I are pretty frugal, and he has purchased a few replacement parts already. But we haven't solved the issue. The Mr. wants it done as in yesterday... I am enjoying not having the dryer. I love to hang stuff on the line, and when it's yukky out, I've been using indoor drying racks. Purchased at Wal-Mart but Made in the USA!!!!!  I would love, love, love, one of these....http://www.homesteaddryingracks.com/ 
but haven't purchased one just yet!!!

After having a rather large debate about paper plates being proper or not. My dishwasher died! I hear God snickering, I really do! ;)  However, again this has been a blessing. I got some really cute rubber gloves, the dishes are done immediately after a meal...and.... usually one of my kids will come stand next to me while I wash, and either start to dry or just talk to me. By putting things in the dishwasher, we load and walk away, usually in separate directions.. This has brought us a little closer. We're having conversation we wouldn't normally be having. It's a real relaxing time too.

And to top it all off, the Mr. just fixed my suburban. We were out of commission for about 3 weeks. We did a lot of walking. Again a fun family time. And I learned some shortcuts.  While I loved not having a truck to drive. I am sooo happy that is fixed. We do a lot of nature walks and park adventures! :)

So while my modern day servants are down, I find that I am spending more quality time with my kids by taking the time to do the chores the old fashioned way.

We are currently  in a season of being dead broke! The economy has taken it's toll on my husband profession. Financially we have to repair what is broken ourselves, wait a while and do without. Now, don't get me wrong, while our season of finances is low... Our time with our family is grand, we are in a season of growth and plenty.  It's not about new washers or dishwashers.. It's about the time spent with our children and finding the enjoyment in what we do have.

Trusting the the Lord with all things, and being grateful to him in all circumstances.

From My Heart to Yours.


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