Thursday, March 14, 2013

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It is so exciting to me to see this young family fulfill their desires to follow the Lord by turning over their fertility to him.

As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” Genesis 9:7

When hubby and I were younger and started our family, we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were expecting, albeit it wasn't the perfect of circumstances. We weren't married, we weren't saved..I was on birth control and yet we knew that the life that was given to us was so special, and a gift.

You see even tho, we weren't so many things, God had his hand on us. He was protecting us and guiding our ways even though we hadn't fully come to him yet.

When we had our first child we decided that if God could bless us while using birth control then we knew it wasn't something under our control. So we at that time, still not saved yet.. decided we would leave it up to the Lord to dictate our family size.

Of course this wasn't scary to me at all.. I knew I wanted a large family.. As a child I would say I'm going to have 4 kids when I grow up. For Hubby this was a complete leap of faith.. Because he was NEVER getting married and NEVER having children.

As God kept his hand on our hearts we got saved when our oldest daughter was about 2.. and our first son was few months old. 

Praise God for keeping us in his will.

After we had my daughter and my son, we started getting the questions,  "Are you done yet" "One boy one girl your done" "you can't afford anymore children"..  etc etc.

We were so convicted in our beliefs that we would ignore these comments, but at times they hurt. Family members didn't understand "why" would leave our family size up to God.. and all the well meaning questions would follow.. like.. "what about college?"  "how will you afford a house big enough"

We had outlined goals for our family.. and if they wanted to go to college, there is nothing wrong with working your way though it.  I did! and Vocational School too!!  We encourage entrepreneurship.
.  We are seeing this come to fruition with out oldest child. She is currently in vocational school for photography, she does work a full time job, and pursues her own photography business.

God Blessed us! and She walks in truth!!!! There is nothing greater then knowing your child walks in truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over 18 years we've had 6 children. They naturally come about every 3 years for us. That is how God designed OUR family. We are grateful to him for it. I have lots of friends who have children every year. That is God's design for their family!!!

Who knows us best~ He does!!!!

I'm sure it's hard for the young Duggars to hear the negative comments times a million. They are in the public eye.

But I'm proud of them, for sticking to their wedding vows and following God's will for their lives.

As for answering the other questions over the years we would answer.. Now we just say God is in control of our lives. We will see what he does with them.


  1. God has blessed our family over and over. I have four girls . After my first child the doctors told me I won't be able to carry again. I lost a child after her. Then lost one of my twins. My second daughter survived. but came way to early . That was a scare time. Thank the lord she is an adult now and healthy. We next lost another one. Then I became pregnant with twins again. I am happy to say even thru they tried to come way to early. They are healthy girls.I thank the lord for those blessing every day.

    1. Oh Michelle,
      When you enter into heaven those babies will be waiting for you. :) I have one there too. I'm sad that she is not here, but blessed to know I will see her again someday. And I am so grateful for my blessings here on earth too!


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