Saturday, September 25, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we ventured out to our favorite place to camp and attended a most wonderful event. The HayCreek Festival at Johanna Furnace in Morgantown Pa.
What a wonderful hands on event...

My new favorite pic of my hubby... (swoon)

The gentleman is carving table legs, with the leg power of our son. He couldn't pedal too fast or too slow or the machine wouldn't work.
My oldest son volunteered at the festival and pedaled the pedal drill for hours that day!!
On top of all the hands on activites, there was tons of tractors, and little neat gadgets like this tiny car. :)
Here my guy is taking the dried corn cob, putting it through this machine and hand cranking it. The machine would then strip the cob of the kernals and wah-lah, corn kernals that can now be ground into corn meal.

Another old beauty.. My husband had the best time looking at all the old machinery and cars, and now would like to make this one of his hobbies.

Here's my #4. Learning to wring out the laundry the old fashioned way. :)
in 1912 this was a modern day washing machine.. :)

A great time was to be had by all who attended the festival. My kids loved it and hubby loved it more. We will now be making this a yearly tradition. :)


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  1. How fun! Love all the pictures. Maybe, I will make it next year!


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