Friday, September 17, 2010

The dreded Schedule!

Ok, so most of you know I am anti-schedule. I don't like them, I feel like a slave to them. I just don't like the over all feel of them.

HOWEVER, as my family as grown..I am seeing the need for some order. More like an organized chaos, instead of just chaos!

SO I've read all the books, and like the idea of a MOTH routine, but still ummm for this skeptic seemed like it wasn't going to happen.

One of my biggest issues with scheduling is I personally have a very hard time with not completing things. If it's on my to do list and it doesn't get done, I get down on myself. So the thought of planning the entire day and possible missing something is dreadful to me!! Now MOTH is very clear that if you miss something you just keep going with the that is hard for me too!! What about the stuff you missed, now you've got to catch up!! See the pressure. BUT.... I knew I needed to develop something!

Soooo Here's our basic routine for the day.
6:30 am~Mom is up..this is my quite time with the Lord and early morning computer escapades.

7:30 am~ Wake up kids. This is there time and mine to shower if neccessary, make beds, pull up shades, get dressed, straighten room and personal bible time.

8:30~Breakfast!!! We eat and clean up. Morning Chores.

9:00~School starts, Ash at computer in sun room, Jake at computer in sitting room, Emma, Anna, and Matthew at kitchen counter.

10:00~Jake break 30 mins. Anna time and Mr. Darcy time.
10:30~Emma break 30 mins, Jake back to work.
11:00~Matthew break, Emma back to school. (anna time)
11:30~Ashley break, Matthew back to school. (anna time)

12:00~Lunch, eat, clean up, light chores. (Emma is usuall done at this point)

1:00~ Back to school

Free time for Emma
Naptime for Anna

2:00~music Matthew
2:30 Music Jacob

3:00~school day is over, begin dinner prep, free time for kids.

5:30~ supper time, eat clean up and do evening devotions

6:30~ finish/work on any school projects if neccessary.

Then we do bedtime routine of showers/baths/jammies etc.

8:30~Emma bed.( except duggar night)

9:30~Jacob bed.

10:30~Matthew bed.

11:00~Ashley bed

Now some nights the kids are in bed earlier, due to just being tired!! :)
We take 10 mins off bedtime, if you are not cheerful about doing school or chores.
Ashley brings her cell phone to me at there is not temptation or ppl calling her at night.

This so far seems to be working.
I am super excited about it.

While deep down I have schedule resentment, overall



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  1. YOU GO GIRL! LOVE IT!!! I am in the trenches with ya! Our God is a God of order -may he bless our efforts as we raise His arrows for His glory


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