Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ashley's Sweet 16

On November 16, 1994, day 3 of my hospital stay/induction. I gave birth to:

Ashley Nicole
8 lbs. 11 ozs.
21 inches

She was plump and perfect, and happened to be the first baby born, on the 100 th anniversary of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Hospital and was given a $50.00 savings bond from them.

It was a special time in our life. We brought this little munchkin home to our chicken coop, I kid you not we rented a chicken coop/apt. Really neat little place! :)

Now here we are 16 years later, and four more sibling added to the mix!

We arrive at her Sweet 16 party!!!

Last night showed me just how blessed I am! If you don't know my daughter, by walking around the room last night you would have figured out her heart for sure.
Ashley loves photography, and is really good at it too! :)
She covered the walls in our church with about 500 photos of family and friends. And not just plain shots, but really interesting shots, where you could read the person's emotions!!!

She had some old photo of her dad and I as well!! (ack, 80's hair)

Her heart was poured out on those walls. Her love of life, people, adventures were all right there for any and all to see.
Her smiles and funny faces radiated from the walls. I literally walked around tearing up and some of it, because it humbles me to know her innocence.

At 16 I was in a very different place! God has blessed me through Ashley more then words can even say! I am truly humbled at the different lives we have at that same age. I thank God that I didn't follow suit with the mentality of "well if it was good enough for me" , when it comes to raising out children.

Raising Children is hard work. But with the Lord's guidance and protection, we have been blessed with such different outcomes. I long to see what the Lord has planned for Ashley, her heart is in missions.. I'm sure the Lord will use her there!

I thank God for our family support, even though we are often classified as "weird", "different", or "religious freaks" , we like our titles! ;) We are happy to be weird, different and religious freaks, we are not of this world! We want to stand out, and want the rest of the world to see and know our peace! Our peace comes from the Lord!!!

So Thank You Jesus, for always keeping a hand on us, and thank you for my sweet Ashley!

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