Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And so the season begins...

We had our first camping trip of the season this past weekend.

Friday was wet and rainy all day. But we treaked through the Green Dragon and bought some goodies and socks! :)

We then headed over to the campground, set up and watch the creek rise and rise. We thought we might have to move but luckily it stopped raining and the creek went down.

The kids has a great time as always. I love being able to let the run and play. There was only 8 other campers there, so it was pretty much empty.

Wayne and I spent alot of time in reflection during our alone time and have made some major decisions.

We had prayed and prayed that God would lead us in it all and he has. He has just led us away from what we thought. Amazing how God does things like that.

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