Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring is coming!!

It's a beautiful Palm Sunday here in Nj. My windows are open, air is breezing though the house. The scent of hythenis refreshes me. Hubby and boys went to church today. Mama stay home with the little girls. One of them wasn't feel well and Mama needed a time of encouragement from quite time with the Lord. I am currently planning my menu for the week. And will be getting Angel Food next Saturday. I am trying to stretch our food budget out as much as possible. With 7 hungry people to feed, it's hard work to plan enough meals and snacks! ;) Dh and I are working hard to stay on budget, after listening to many financial courses, we are convicted that we shall be debt free and work from a cash only basis. Our home is financed though. In case your interested we did Financial Peace Course from Dave Ramsey and Financial Freedom from Jim Sammons! Both were great courses and you can walk away with alot of sound biblical financial teachings from both! :) Gas prices currently are killing us! It take alot to fill my suburban. There is much going on in our family personally, and we would covet your prayers the Lord knows the needs. I can share some needs here tho... Hubby has taken a huge pay cut in order to keep his job, with are thankful that he is still employed..But pray that business would pick up. Both my mom and dad are out of work.. Please pray for jobs for them. My cousin is going through a lot and needs prayer for good decision making. Our home business is doing quite well. Please pray for continued blessing with that, and energy to continue it! :) I am continually being encouraged by reading frugal websites and reading about families way larger then mine, surviving on the same salary or less. God is good, I am thankful! Blessings Carrie

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