Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!!!!!!

It's amazing to me when you give birth what an instant bond develops. A love so deep you can't even explain it, nor understand it fully. If I can love someone sooo much, and our heavenly father loves us even more then that, I can't fathom it. How deep His love must go for us. And we are so bad, so undeserving.

17 years ago, my sweet precious girl was born. 17 days late, by the way! :) By day 5 in the hospital I couldn't wait to escape.Giving birth at 5:16 am has it's advantages, I could leave the hospital the next day or get the two day special. I chose to bail out the next day! :)

In the past 17 years I have watched you grow and mature, not only physically but spiritually as well. I watched you give your life to the Lord at 5 years old.  I remember sitting in church with you, and your little hand holding my fingers and twisting. It use to drive me nuts! I miss it now.
You have watched me over the years, and I see me in you. Sometimes good, sometimes.. I'm like oh, that's me..ugh!
Your love for the Lord has taught me a thing or two! I gleam from you as well my love. Your love for evangelism inspires me. The way you can minister to people, from church goers to the pizza man puts me at awe.
When people say what a great job I have done with you... I am quick to correct them. What a great job the LORD has done in you!!!!!!!! God has blessed me with you, and continues to bless me as I watch you grow in him.
Ashley, I look forward to watching your over the next 17 years and seeing what the Lord will do.
Thank You for encouraging me daily, thank you for being an excellent role model to your younger siblings, thank you for your outreach to anyone who will listen and even if they don't, you don't give up!

Psalm 144:12
That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; That our daughters may be as pillars, Sculptured in palace style

Proverbs 31:29
“ Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all.”

I love you my sweetness! :)


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