Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend.............

A few day's before Thanksgiving we headed over to my mom's house to make some stuffing for the local senior center and to help her prepare for Thanksgiving.  Below is Ashley's pics of some fall things at my moms house. :)

Two days later we went back for the feast. :)

Dad putting side dishes in the oven. I believe we had 11 different sides.. As a matter of fact I only ate sides, no turkey or ham! :)

Sweet potatoes were awesome!!! :)

Ashley's homemade bread!
Broccoli Casserole!!!

Full Adult table! :)
IT was a beautiful day, so we let the kids eat outside on the deck, since there was 12 of them! :) Below is mom's dog being very bad, he searched the kids table for scraps! :)
Dessert time!!! See the gorgeous little girl, I think she ate a whole apple pie! ;)


We had one minor catastrophe, my parents had made two turkeys, one the previous night and cut it all up, laid in a Pyrex dish to re-heat , when they put it in the oven about 10 mins later we heard a loud pop, and smoke started pouring out of the oven. The dish had shattered... of course we documented this.. :)

We had a wonderful time filled with family and friends.

On Friday we basically all laid around in a post thanksgiving coma, except for Ashley who went out black Friday shopping until 3am! :)

While alot of us were enjoying our Thanksgiving~ One of our family members was doing something even better. She was in the hospital giving birth!! :)  Now that's something to be Thankful for!!

On Saturday Hubby with the boys went out on his cousins boat to catch some fish!!! :)
New York Skyline from the boat. :)
 First Stripper catch, but just a hair to small to keep!
 Matt's first catch! A Sand shark!
 Everyone taking a turn feeling how soft the sand shark is!
The girls and I all stayed home and dug our Christmas decorations! Slowly the house is coming together for Christmas! :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as blessed! :)

From Our Home to Yours~~

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