Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Nostalgia

It always amazes me.. the power of food. I mean really there is such a power in food, being around the table to eat.

But I wanted to talk about how memories can be evoked by food.

 I  was talking with my cousin the other day and she brought up a simple food that she was eating..

And in my minds eye,(what is your minds eye anyway?)  I immediately had a flashback of being maybe 10 years old , sitting in my grandmothers kitchen as I watched her make me this soup.
It brought back such fond memories of her.  Just the mere mention of a soup... Of course my next time I was  out to the store, I picked some up... :) I'm weird like that. But in my own defense.. I did have a sick little one. She loved the soup.

I can remember waiting for the water to boil and then adding the golden egg to the water.. heehee.. My heart literally swelled with emotion. It's hard to tell too, but those are two boxes, each box is it's own serving of soup..and I can remember how much fun it was to tear apart the boxes. The only thing that has changed from back then to now, it the color blue they use today. When I was a child it was a much lighter blue.

So it got me thinking about how food is so important. And how our memories can be brought back by certain smells or in this case just the mention of a particular brand.

My cousin has been doing that to me a lot lately. BTW, You should check out her blog, it's all about health and beauty...

Our senses are amazing, and it is clinically proven that our sense of smell, can ignite the brain to an emotion. That is pretty cool.

I use to love as a kid, getting off the school bus and being able to  smell what was for dinner before even making it up to the front door!!! That bring back fond memories too.. And I love when my own kids are outside playing and they will come in to ask whats for dinner. Because they can smell it outside.

Just the other day, while heating up lunch for the kiddos, there was a pleasant chatter among my children. It was all five of them clamoring for what leftovers they wanted to eat. " I want the meatballs"... "ooohhh, I want the potato soup" "me too" " is there chicken left" ...

My heart melted hearing them say that stuff. They don't want McDonald's! They don't want processed chicken nuggets.. They want my food. And I'm so glad they do.

I'm a lefty..What does this have to do with anything you say? Well, Lefties are suppose to be creative people. I am NOT! I don't craft well, sew well, draw well, play an instrument well, etc. etc. But, I do cook and bake very well. That is my creative outlet! So I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And I love every minute of it. I love creating healthy meals for my family.. (More on this in another post)

I do have to say, while I have fond memories of the soup..and it was like I remembered it. It won't be a staple in this house! LOL.. If something has ingredients you can't pronounce, you probably shouldn't be eating it.

Are they any foods that bring up positive memories for you?

From My Heart to Yours...


  1. Hello lovely. For me its grandma's pierogies that evoke happy memories for me. I was always in the kitchen assisting her. She was the cook and I was co-chef. I only wish I had that secret recipe. No one made them better than grandma did and she always added that special ingredient: love. Thanks for plugging my blog.

  2. Love this post! And you are an amazing cook Ms. Carrie. The smell of gravy cooking brings back wonderful memories for me. Bacon and eggs does it too. Every Sunday we'd go to Grandma's after church and as soon as we'd open the door the smell of the food would hit us. All my cousins would come too and we just had the greatest time. Sunday was always my favorite day. Food, family & football. When I smell garlic and onions sautéing it reminds me of my mom and my other grandma. Even sounds bring me back memories too.


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