Monday, March 19, 2012

A twist on regular ol' cornbeef...

So what do you do the next day with any left over corned beef.

Well you could make your own, corned beef hash.. I made that this morning, it was delicious!! I didn't take a pic of it tho!!

And for supper, I took the leftovers and made open face sandwiches. You could also substitute the corned beef for pastrami!! :)

So first thing first, toast some Jewish rye bread, why Jewish rye..cause it's the best! :)

Lay in 13x9 pan, pour some thousand island dressing over top of the toasted rye, then add the corned beef or pastrami, a generous helping of coleslaw, then a thick slice of swiss..

bake 30 mins, take out of oven and ENJOY!!

Don't forget to add a half sour pickle!!

This recipe was adapted slightly from the original one shared with me by my friend Adrienne. :)

From My Bella Cucina to Yours!!

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