Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Friday/Easter

Since we've been doing Sunday dinners for awhile now, and we knew this past Sunday (Easter) we wouldn't be having one. We opened up our home on Good Friday.

Ashley made several pizza crusts in the am, and we lined the counter with tins filled with white, wheat/white, and some with herbs in the dough.

We sliced several toppings, bacon, sausage, red and green peppers, pepperoni, olives, broccoli, and ricotta for a white pizza.

And then we opened the house to come on by for pizza, and egg dying.

My cousins came over too and we filled 300 eggs with candy, rubber jewelry, tattoos, cookies, peeps and so on!!

We had a wonderful time of food, fellowship and fun! Our re-focus on our families has been a wonderful experience for us.

We are reconnecting, and building relationships.

I am so reminded of how Jesus was with his earthly family, then his spiritual family, and then he himself reconnected with his earthly family.

Remember that even if you have unsaved family members, Jesus wants you to be a witness to them. You can encourage them, and they can see you as a living example of his love for us and them.

The above song has truly confirmed the changes that we have been making over the past few months, that we are doing the right thing, and loving as God loves us. 

Ok so on to Easter...  On Easter morning, I made resurrection rolls! What a fantastic way to remind the children of Jesus' death and resurrection.

We then went to church and off to my aunts farm for a wonderful Easter dinner, Egg Hunt and just some great time with family.

Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday..

Thanking God for all  his blessings he bestows on us.


  1. I had a great time cousin, I'm so glad I came home. I really enjoyed spending time at your house Friday, of course I don't see any pictures of me on here. What gives? xoxo

  2. The pizza looks delish! Sorry I missed it. Your aunts farm looks so beautiful. So glad you guys had a great Easter! XO


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