Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hubby was in an accident....

Proverbs 31

11 Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.
12 She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life.

The blaring ring of the phone woke me on Tuesday morning... 7:15am... I knew as soon as I looked at the clock, something was wrong. No one calls here that early..

I quickly peel a child out of my arms and trying to not wake her, before the phone does. She had a restless night.

"hello" in a whisper.. as I was still in my bedroom.

Walking out of my room, I hear my darling hubbys nervous voice, "I was in an accident"

Me, "Are you ok"...
Him, "yes"
Me" do you need me to come?"
Him, "no, I'll call you"
He explained what happened. His company truck was pretty messed up, and the air bags went off.

He said he had some airbag burn, felt ok, just stressed.

Next call I got was from him in the police car, the officer was kind enough to drop him off at work.
The conversation, went along the lines of, I'm ok.. but I didn't take my blood pressure meds today, and I've got a headache.  I offered to bring him his meds at work. Dh works about an hour from home. He said No, don't waste the gas, I'll be ok... You know all the stuff your hard working husband says. because he's not thinking of himself, he's only thinking of the cost of gas from me to drive our suburban and hour away.

We make some more small talk, he hangs up.

but yesterday he told me the conversation, him and the officer had while he was driving him to work.

You see the officer heard me offer to bring dh his meds. After dh hung up with me the officer said, "your wife was going to drive all the way out here to bring you your medicine"
"yup" hubby replies.
"you have a good wife" the officer says to him.

I'm guessing my dh smiled, cause he told me that he went on to tell him, yes he does. And how we have 5 children, with one on the way., and how I cook from scratch, homeschool, and make sure everyone is taken care of... he sang some praises of me... which I have to tell you was nice to hear a bit, as hubby and I are very sarcastic with one another. So him telling me this was sweet. :)

"Your a lucky man" says the officer, I would love a large family but don't think the wife and I could handle it.

Dh arrived at work, he told the officer to have a great day.

But when dh was telling me the story, he said he felt a little sad for the officer. 

We got to talking about how selfish our society is, and how prevalent it stands out in even marriages.

And I just think, if more woman just followed what God wants us to do, how honoring would that be to our husbands and to our Lord.

Hubby wound up going to the hospital to get checked out. Luckily his blood pressure was good. They scripted him some pain relievers and muscle relaxers and gave him the next 3 days off work.

He's been home resting.. and seeing how our day goes. Last night he said he was exhausted!  He finds work easier, but that he loved being home with us.



  1. The world really does see our light.
    I had a maintenance man ask me about Christ this week. And a couple weeks ago a lady at work walked up to DH out of the blue and said "thank you for never talking bad about your wife." He was kind of caught of guard and said "huh?" and she said "everyone here complains about their wives and you have never once said anything negative, and I really appreciate that."

    Glad your husband is ok!

  2. Glad your hubby is all right! And it's amazing how the things we take for granted can really stand out to a lost world.

  3. So happy to hear that your dh is alright. Keeping him in my prayers. I think it's beautiful how he praised you to the officer. I hope in some way, what he shared will leave a mark of shimmering light that the officer will start to seek the Lord.

  4. Glad to hear your dh is ok. It is so sad how our world doesn't value the simple and spiritual things in life.

  5. Thanks Girls!!

    I am encouraged that our light is shining..and thankful that hubby got to see that someone else sees it too. :)

    BTW, He is doing well and thankful that he and the other driver were ok.

  6. So glad to hear your husband is okay! Sounds like you're part of the reason, too! Thank you for represent all of us "homemakers" so beautifully!


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