Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday Projects

We had  beautiful Saturday here on the East Coast.

First thing we did in the morning was go to a camper show. We love to go look at the new campers that are out. It's just a fun way to spend some family time together doing what we all love.

Then we made a pit stop in Lowes! So glad we did.  I picked up two gallons of paint for my boys bedroom on clearance for $5.00 a gallon, and some redwood stain $5.00, and several cans of black spray paint for a project I had at home that I wanted to do, while the weather was wonderful.

So we came home and set up shop. Dh put a large speaker outside for me and I plugged my laptop into the mixer and we put on a pandora station. I love listening to old time music, so we started with classical Italian and then later in the day switched to the "swing" genre.

Anywho, I have these metal chairs and table that I moved to a nook on the side of my house. The only problem was the chairs and table were green and my house is green.. and they didn't match.. so I wanted to spray paint the chairs and table black. 



I had to slide it down from it's original spot that I wanted, as dh put in the window air conditioner and I didn't want to have a seat so close to it.

We then started the process of staining the playground in the back yard.

This is not finished yet, so you'll have to wait to see the afters of it. But we did start it.. and it was just soaking up the stain!! It was in desperate need of it!!!

And finally after months of our dishwasher being broken, someone gifted us with a new to us dishwasher!!!!  So dh put that in as well this weekend.

The kids are very happy about this!!! :)

Sunday it poured all day and we weren't able to do anymore outdoor projects but I did make two batches of chili and spent some time with family.

From My Home to Yours..


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  1. The chairs came out really nice. Happy you have the dishwasher up and running too. I'm sure the kids are liking that.


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