Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things I'm grateful for............

crisp cool spring mornings

daddy starting the woodstove before he leaves for work

quiet time with the Lord

Children who slept in today

beautiful spring day to hang laundry on the line.

a 17yr daughter, that's not feeling well and still wants to cuddle mom.

a two mile walk with the kids to go out for pizza

an afternoon nap

most of the children out for wednesday night services, while I'm at home with the youngest who is not feeling so good.

soft tissues

warm tubbies


crisp rain nights

warm fires

phone call from my dad

peaceful home

candles burning

unending love


  1. HA I knew I got sick from Anna. Poor Ash not feeling well either. hmm such a cute kid but man can Anna spread the germs..

  2. sweet blessings, all of them. I hope my own daughter still wants to cuddle when she is 17! You are blessed indeed!


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