Monday, June 11, 2012

Around the homestead lot...

Last night we had a magnificent supper. We pulled a couple of steaks out of the freezer, along with some leftover talapia and salmon, steamed some fresh picked broccoli, steamed some clams and rock claw crab, and had a mini feast! Everything was cooked outside on our grill, or on our campfire cooker.

We sat outside at our dining table and enjoyed our meal and each others company.

Over the weekend. We did some work around our little homestead lot! :)  You may or not be aware.. our "homestead" is a very small lot. 80 x 100 to be exact.  We live in a shore community, but are doing the best we can with what we have. :)  That is the idea of becoming more self sufficient, isn't it?

The garden is doing well. Everything is growing except for my peppers, not sure why they aren't doing so well. They haven't grown at all.. and are starting to flower.

We also worked on creating outdoor space for my "outdoor" kitchen. Which basically is an old table that we have close to the deck, with a long extension cord for me to plug in my electrical appliances.
For summer cooking it's mostly on the grill, crock pot or roaster oven cooking! :)

Linked up over at Homestead Revival! :)


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  2. Hey lady, It looks like you had a great feast...


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