Monday, August 20, 2012

God's never ending GOODNESS!


Tonight, DH and my oldest son had a job to do together. And it's the annual Chinese Auction at our Clubhouse in our neighborhood.

I love my neighborhood. We have a club house, and beach access all for a small yearly fee. Which we have been blessed to barter out for the past 4 years. 

Today, while the Ladies were setting up for the auction, My Jake when up there. The ladies told him the clubhouse was closed, since they were setting up and he asked them if he could stay and help.

He was there for about two hours helping. He came home and reminded me that tonight was the auction, and I said we didn't really have the money to go. It's was a $5.oo entry fee per person.. and then more $ if you wanted extra tickets for other prizes.

He told me helped out and one of the old ladies, emphasized to him to come back for the auction. He gently told her he didn't have the money to come, and she offered to pay his share for all the hard work he did. :)

SO I asked DH if we could spare $20.00 for me to take the other children that we home with me up there.

We got up there, and I asked the lovely ladies, if I could get a two for one on my youngest two, and I had the girls split their tickets. :) Jake's lady friend was waiting for him and she gave him his tickets. And I had  a little extra money to spend on some of the "bigger prizes".

We did our tickets, and while I was dropping mine and helping the girls with theirs. Three of the woman who set up came up to me and complimented me on my Jacob. I heard so sweet things about him, "helping with out asking" "helping with out asking for $ in return" " how hard he worked"  "how sweet he was to the ladies" and "how sweet he is to his sister".. 

It made my heart just shine. I often get too wrapped up in the negative and forget that my kids can be sweet and loving when I'm not around!

I got lots of compliments on their smiles.. and told I'm doing an excellent job! Let's face it, what mother doesn't want to hear that every now and then!!!

I splurged and dropped some tickets on the "higher" ticketed items. But I didn't buy alot so I just dropped in the items that I really wanted. On the "higher" table I also let the kids pick one item they really wanted and I dropped one ticket in each of their choices.

We sat down and had our ice tea, and donut and anticipated the calling of numbers.  NOW, a Chinese Auction takes TIME!   I was a little leery on how my 4 yo was going to hold, and especially if she didn't win something!! :) She would see the gifts getting delivered to the winner and she would say " i put a ticket in for that" ... but she would still clap... 

Needless to say, our numbers did get called and we won a boat load of things! During a break my youngest had been eyeing up a pillow that someone made. She was rubbing her little face all over it. :)
One of the older ladies saw this, and told my Jake that she dropped some extra tickets in the pillow, and if she won it, she was giving it to my Anna. 
It was higher ticketed item and sure enough she did win it and gave it to her.
My Anna was so excited to receive it. She said thank you and gave the lady and hug, and the older woman said she couldn't resist watching her and how she loved on the pillow.

It was such a sweet blessing to her and to my heart.

I am learning to NEVER be amazed at what GOD will  do for us.

While my dh is still out of work, we get continually blessed with peace about our sitituation. All our basic needs are being met, and sometimes it's down to the last day to be able to make a mortgage payment. But we are always able to go on.

But GOD will supply our WANTS! I won several little things I just "wanted"! My oldest daughter too, put in $2.00 for a $40.00 gift card, b/c her best friends birthday is this week and she wanted to take her out. She WON!!!

My Jake put in for school supplies, he WON! And a football, he WON again!! :)

And my Emma won too! Nail polish, and a nerf gun, neat little picture frames..

You can see our stash below.. It was just an amazing testimoney to what GOD has done.

My heart is overflowing with the compliments and Gods grace and mercy on us.

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