Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn has finally arrived!!

How good I am feeling now that the weather has cooled down here! Yeah!!!

I have energy to walk! Energy to cook again!!! Yeah!!!!

I love Autumn, it's my absolute favorite season.. and then my next favorite is winter!! :)

Our school year is progressing so well. I'm extremely happy with every ones progress. I'm learning how to deal with an almost 18 year old and soon a newborn in the home.

What a wide range of parenting stages I am in.. I often have to remind myself of who I'm dealing with and how old they are..

My oldest daughter surprised me with a baby shower for the new little guy who is due to come in early November.

What a blessing it was to be surrounded by family and friends all there to encourage me in the welcoming of our sixth child.

I could complain of our situation, but I won't. God has taught me to rely on him for ALL our needs.. and he has provided through it all. He has even blessed us along the way.

He has taught me so much on grace, mercy, patience.. that sometimes, I am even surprised at my own reaction to things!!! That's how you know God is working in you.. When you sit back and say to yourself, "Did I really just handle that in that way?" "My old self would not have" ..

Our children are growing in the Lord through all this as well. Having Daddy home was much needed.. and It's been an amazing time of growth...

I am blessed! I am encouraged! I am Thankful to my God!

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