Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday Meal Plan (2 weeks)

M17-Chicken Pot Pies
T18-Garlic Noodles with broccoli and parm
W19-Crock pot Ribs, noodles with cottage cheese, veggies
Th20-Broccoli/Cheddar/Potato Soup
Sat 22- BBQ at Moms House
Sun-Tacos with all the fixings

M24-Meatloaf/smashed tatoes, veggies
T25-Garlic Chicken Thighs, Veggies
W26-Baked Mac N Cheese with Ham
Th27-Pasta Fagoli, fresh bread, salad
Sat-Oriental Chicken, Fried Rice
Sun-Tuna Casserole

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