Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I learned from Frontier House.

It's funny to think that Frontier house was done almost 12 years ago, and I've finally gotten wind of it. I rented the series off netflix.

It was interesting to hear that over 5,000 families applied for the opportunity to be on the show.  The three families they chose were rather interesting. Because I love to delve into the people and their personalities and psychs, the show was a neat type of reality show.

It was funny to see how people do under pressure. some of the families bonded together and others it just tore them apart.

The last few episodes stick out to me in my mind my the most.  One family was often accused of cheating.. but did they? ALL the families were extremely competitive which I think is where each family lost the spirit of frontier house. The families wouldn't have been competing against each other as far as who has the most wood cut, who saved the most food, who has the prettiest cabin, there were things that wouldn't have occurred on the minds of the true frontiersmen. They would have been to focused on where they were getting their next meal from.

The very last episode, got me the most. Especially the men. Each man walked away in tears. They saw value in what they had done. They had temporarily found a purpose. They found meaning. They looked back at what they created, and cried.  You could see it in their faces.  I could almost feel it through the screen of the television. It's like they knew that was what they were meant for. To be the provider, the care taker, the hunter, the gatherer, the spiritual leader of their homes,  the King of the Castle.

Each woman skipped out of the cabins happily. Each one complained of the same issue. Each one could not find containment on the frontier. Each one complained of the monotony of the work. They complained of not  feeling pretty.  They couldn't wait to get back to the modern world. The modern appliances, their friends. Instead of making friendships on the frontier, they were to busy one upping each other.  I often wonder if their minds hadn't been so focused on themselves, if they would have enjoyed the frontier much more.

When I see this behavior in woman I am reminded that deep down we are daughters of Eve. She also searched for something more. When she had it all in front of her.

I think of God in this way. We are his contentment. He is always working in us, molding us to his image. Making us more like him. But do we show that same contentment back. Do we honor him fully, completely, happily in all circumstances?

My heart broke for those woman. To wrapped up in self to notice the beauty of their surroundings, to wrapped in self to make time for their spouses, so much so one of the couples separated right after the show and later divorced. That couple called themselves Christians!!!

Where was their duty to one another. To wrapped up in self to care.

Lord, help the families of our nation become less about self, and more about being selfless. Less about me and more about you Lord.  Give us the wisdom to teach our children it's all about you. Teaching them from a young age. JOY. Jesus Others Yourself. Teaching our girls to be content in homemaking. Teaching our boys to find contentment in providing for their families, teaching their sons about how to be a leader.

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