Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Importance of Date Night

   Date Night is such a cache term. For most people date night is just that, a night out with the boyfriend or husband.

When we had our first child we did not do date night! She went everywhere with us. We felt it was necessary. We had our fun, now it was time to focus on raising a family.

We were young and foolish still.

As we added to our brood, we realized a date night would be great.. but good luck getting someone to babysit 3-4-5 kids at a time!!

SO when our kids were little we took "date night" and adapted it to our life.

Sometimes "date night" was waking up early, Big Daddy and I get a cup of coffee  and go to a quiet place usually outside if the weather was nice or in a quiet room in the house. We would talk, and talk and connect.

Sometimes, when the kids were younger we'd put them to bed, and hubby would go out to a restaurant that had curbside service, he'd bring home and meal and we'd sit in our home-- connecting.

Other times, kids got a separate meal, hit the sack a little early and hubs and I would have a "special meal".

Now that I have older children who can baby sit, we do try and go out.
We use to shoot for once every few months.

But hubby has a new time demanding job, so we now shoot for once a week. 
This isn't usually a fancy dinner meal. It's a hop in the truck, lets go get coffee, an ice cream, or just go sit at the inlet for a little bit.
It's really about connecting when it's just him and I.

Date night really isn't about where you go.. but more about How are you connecting with you husband?

Are you talking to each other about each other? Are you still flirting with him??

We've had many successful date nights just walking around the Home Depot!!!

I always want my husband to feel that he can connect with me. He was the one who actually requested the once a week date night. He misses me while he's at work. And I miss him as well.

He is super busy at his job and there is very little contact during the day, he works a minimum of 12 hours and day sometimes more. 

It's a big change for us.

The point is make "date night" work for you.
As your raising children, your season of life will vary. Each season should be appreciated for what it is. Don't think I miss those going out every night, you will be able to again. It will creep up on you quicker then you can imagine.

Make your date night you own. Weather your home, OR you get fancied up and head out for a night on the town. The idea is to put time, energy and effort into your spouse. They will love you for it!!


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