Tuesday, June 24, 2014

expect the unexpected..

Today was one of those days.

You know the kind I'm talking about. The kind of day that doesn't go as you planned it to.

Yesterday..today looked so differently. 

You see yesterday I had a plan for today.. and it went something like this.. wake up usual time, finish up the laundry, clean out car and load it up, leave house nice and clean for when hubby comes home. Leave and get to our second home by lunch time.. this way I would be able to inventory the food contents, figure out a menu and shop.. then have the rest of the day to ourselves. Enjoying out time here.

Instead, it went like this:
Woke up LATE, not minutes late but 2 1/2 HOURS later then usual.
My precious 9 year old had cleaned the kitchen up, and straightened the living room up, to the best of her ability.. She was excited to get on the road today.. :)
Started that last load of wash, but would have to wait for that to finish because I need to pack some stuff from that load..
Woke up my 13 year old... He still needed to pack..
Began to make breakfast.. Phone rings...
Put son in charge of breakfast..
Talk to my mom, attempt to have coffee.
3 sips into my coffee, put it down.. Big furry beast helps himself to my coffee.
walk into kitchen and remember.. I'm suppose to make a meal and bring it to church.. YUP, I forgot.. rummage through cabinets..
Yes, found pasta! Made a Tuscan Pasta.. while.. baby emptied Tupperware cabinet all over floor!
what's that smell.. ooohhh, 5 year old has decided to paint her nails while she was waiting for me..to get ready.. and she still hasn't found her shoes,
Did I mention, We were trying to leave????
Ok, Everyone eats.. Cause usually as soon as we hit the road, someone will say the dreaded words I have come to expect.. even though I try so desperately to avoid hearing them " I'm hungry".. 
But TODAY, I was ready for it..
I made sure we ate BEFORE we left.. Haha, Crisis averted.. (maybe)
Ok, Pasta is ready to go, Clothes are in the car, Everyone has shoes!! (YES!!!)
I was ready!!!
Walk outside and begin the load up process, come back in.. Poopie diaper ripped to shreds all over the HOUSE!! Fury beast strikes again!!!
Oh the laundry.. let me get that in dryer and just take out the shirt I need for trip..
Open washer, start digging for shirt... wait, what the heck, there is tons of gel like substance, ALL OVER EVERYTHING in the washer.. 
There is a mom out there who is reading this, and has guessed correctly..
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner to the Mom who said.. "diaper" ..
YUP, some how, some way, a diaper got mixed in with the wash load..
This is a mess of EPIC proportions.. it's 12:00.. I need to get this pasta to church.. I don't have time for a huge diaper mess AGAIN!!!
Pick the shirt out I need, hang the rest of the stuff outside on the line..
Praying the wind will have knocked off the gel gunk!
Look around at the disaster I am leaving ... feel a tad guilty..
Get over the guilt rather quickly.. RUN, RUN NOW, the little voice in my head says..
I run.. I gotta go!!!!!!
Windows down, Beautiful day.. ALMOST to church..
A little voice from the back..
Mommy, I don't feel.....................(insert any puking noise you wish here)
I'm watching in my rear view as my little girl vomits BREAKFAST!!
Run into church, drop off meal, steal paper towels!! (I didn't really steal from church!)
Clean up little one..
And think.. I better hold off on driving too much further just in case.
Stop by my moms.. give my girl a ginger ale and chat with my mom for a bit..
An hour later.. I have the all clear from the puker that she is fine..
Ok, we load up again..
This time we stole Mac back from my mom for the trip!
gas, stop at bank, stop at dunkin donuts for an iced coffee for mom and yup BAGELS for the rest of the crew and we are on our way...
90 mins, into the trip..
it's a choir of " I have to pee" ..
I understand, but we are MILES away from a rest stop..
"I'm not going to make it"
"I'm really not going to make it"
There is some sort of Pee-Pee dance/bounce happening in the back seat..
I pull off the side of the road..
Good thing I got a LARGE iced coffee... that cup came in handy..
I kid you not.. this is only the second time we've EVER had to pull off the road for an emergency pee stop..
Ok.. back on the road..
We finally arrive at our home away from home!
We see our friends, We take a swim, we breathe!

I could have easily slipped into coo-coo mode this morning.. and I felt myself heading that direction..
all because things weren't going MY way..
SO many times, as a mom I realize, it's not about ME..

God has given me these blessings, and they come with car sickness and almost pee pee accidents, Dirty diapers in the washer, Tupperware all over the floor.

They keep me humble..
They are truly precious!

Thankful.. I was able to stop myself from going to that place of .. I just want to get done.. to taking it all with a grain of salt.. and realizing that there is a purpose in the delays. God has a purpose in it all. I don't need to know what it was.. I just need to role with it.


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