Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pay Attention Mommy...

The other day I was playing with my 18 month old son. He was on my lap and happily chanting, "mama, mama, mama" but I was trying to send a text to someone. So he took his chubby little hands, and grabbed my face to turn it towards him and force me to look at him. "mama, mama" ..  "Yes, baby" and then he gives me the hand signal to follow him. And I did. He took me out the back door to play.

We had a great time.

But it got this mama to thinking.. I thought it was super cute that he grabbed my face. But then I thought.. how sad.. he had to grab my face to get my attention because I was wrapped up in an electronic.

An item that allows us to have noncommittal relationships with our family members, old high school/collage friends/ people we don't see or even hear from if it wasn't for facebook!

Texting/Facebook and other applications out there, enable us to share some great things with people, yet take us away from the very people we are spending time with.

So, Mama's evaluate your screen time whether that be computer time, cell phone, television, your time at the gym, time with friends, time alone. etc. etc.

Our children are little for such a short period of time. They are worthy of  so much more of our time.

~~Be Blessed~~

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