Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A day at the Boardwalk.....

My dad is out from California for the summer. He is spending his time on the East Coast visiting my sister, and his sisters, nieces and nephews and all his grandchildren.

It's been a blessing having him here. A few days ago we took the kids to the boardwalk and enjoyed a lovely day.

Patiently waiting until NOON when the rides officially open.

First ride, The Crazy Bus

Bella comments, "Mama, I can see our car from here"

The girls on the helicopters....

Onto the super fast roller coaster, Bella was very disappointed that she could not go on it!!!

Balloon Ride.... Can anyone spot Bella???

Bumper Cars, BTW Jake is a way more aggressive driver. ;)

We had a total blast and enjoyed the day. Some of us came home a little sunburned, but all is well.

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