Monday, August 8, 2011

Cantaloupes Galore!!!

Well, here is a picture of just one of the many, many cantaloupes that are growing accidentally in my garden.

You see back in the spring, I threw some cantaloupe scraps in the garden bed, before we tilled it all up.

A few weeks ago, we started noticing vines growing and having been waiting to find out what it is!!!

Now we know!!! Cantaloupes!!!

The good news is, Cantaloupes aren't genetically modified as of yet, since I was able to grow all these from seed.. YEAH, for NO GMF!!!!!

The children are looking forward to picking, and tasting as soon as they are ready. We currently have 18 growing and many, many more flowers...

Here's a few more shots of what's happening in the garden.

Blessings, from our home to yours!! :)

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