Monday, August 15, 2011

Wood Cutting Saturday...

A few years ago we were blessed to be able to purchase a used wood stove for the house for $75.00. We had a "fireplace insert" that just wouldn't heat the house well. And with the rising costs of natural gas suppliers, plus being on the goal of becoming as self sufficient as possible we began our search.

Through another homeschooling family, we were able to purchase Kodiak Wood stove. It was manufactured in the 80's. But, is in excellent condition and has been a blessing to our family.

Last year, we managed to get enough FREE wood to make it through the winter almost completely.

Since last year we have been collecting wood from various places, and should have plenty to make it through the winter totally and may even have some for next year. :)

I love, love, love the wood stove. Especially on cold winter nights.

So my men, well a couple of my mine were able to split and stack a LOT of wood, this past Saturday.

This was the start and you can't even really see all the wood that was there in this pic.

Jake all geared up and ready to help!

The Men hard at work.

A small fire going in the backyard to keep the mosquito's and green flys away while they work.

The finished wood, stacked against our back fence to dry out, and get ready for winters use.

They worked hard and got alot done! While our homestead is really small, we aim to do the best we can with what we have.

There is still more wood to be cut, and more wood to be picked up from friends. But we are thankful for it all. :)


  1. Ah! this is something we need to be doing-- actually have to buy wood this year; Since Hubby's heart attack this summer where not going to be able to get much wood ourselves.

    Your stack looks great!

  2. Wow! I've never seen so much wood! That is awesome. Finally catching up on blog reading. Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer!


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