Friday, September 16, 2011

Brag on the hubby...

My husband and I wait for a lot of things. We are cheap! LOL .. I'm actually a big one on finding things second hand. So that means cheap or free!!! We have been looking for a roof top carrier for a couple of years now. With our growing family and the amount of stuff it seems we take along. We needed something. Last year we invested in a hitch mounted thing that goes on back of the suburban and it usually carts our large cooler. Good investment for the amount of raw milk we bring back from PA. However, a roof top carrier is what we need to keep all our junk out of the suburban, to make some more room for Mr. Darcy while traveling. :)

While yard sale shopping two weekends ago, hubby spotted a roof top carrier out for garbage!!!
He pulls over, checks it for cracks, and throws in back of suburban. We take it home, clean it up, the only thing missing was the key for the lock.

NO PROBLEM!!! Hubby takes key thingy off, take it to lock smith and for $21.00, we have this:

Price from Sears $249.00!!!


It's pays to wait!!! :)

I'm am always reminded that God will supply all our needs and some of our wants in HIS timing!! :)

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