Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy week around our homestead.

Well I'm going to start off with the most exciting news first, for the first time ever my oldest daughter is attending school! As in "real" school. She's been homeschooled since she was three years old. It's been a blessing and a gift to teach her and watch her grow up to be an amazing young lady. She was accepted into the vocational school program last March and today is her very first day!!! :) Her goal is to gain knowledge that she will be able to use to work from home. We have encouraged all our children to be entrepreneurs. She is studying Design and Visual Arts, She will learn graphic design, photography, screen printing, web design and more! :)
I look forward to see how the Lord is going to use her. Another blessing is that her friend was also accepted to the program. So at least they will have each other! :)

So since Hurricane Irene, my darling husband has been out of work. No power at his job at all. Let's say he kinda had a forced vacation. Having him home on the weekends usually leads to a ton of work, having him home for 9 days translates to a whole lotta stuff got done.

I was able to deep clean the kitchen. Here's a peek of just some of the stuff out of the cabinets! ;)

Let's just say everything came out, all cabinets got wiped down and everything got reorganized and put back in. :) It took my daughter and I almost 4 hours, with little ones helping.

In the meantime, We were given tons of pavers a couple of years ago that have been waiting patiently to be put down somewhere.

We took our small pool down this year and hubby decided that this would be a perfect place to lay the pavers. And to create some more outdoor living space.

Just getting started.....

A third of the way there....................

All done!!

Then on Friday September 2, I witnessed the Lord bring another life into this world. A while ago I told my cousin that I would be her birthing coach. This past Friday I was able to help her and be a part of one of the Lords greatest gifts. LIFE.. :)
Brittany and Shawn were both fantastic! Brittany did a wonderful job of staying focused and calm, Shawn who before had a fear of hospitals, blood etc. Came though like a champ, he was so gentle and loving to Brittany during the whole process and just smitten with his little daughter, when she was born. He watched the whole thing, and then even stepped up and cut the cord. God is soo good to us!

Brittany was saying, "don't take my picture now!"

My all time favorite photo, Daddy holding his little girl.
Miss Ava Reese, 7 lbs 140zs. 19 1/2 inches long.

What a beautiful time, where God continues to show his miracles, mercies and grace.

Thanks again Brittany and Shawn!! :)

Last thing we got done was finally repainting the living room!! It needed it desperately!


So that's what's happening around here!



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