Monday, September 26, 2011

Corn Corn Corn.........

Through a friend I bought a very large bag of corn. 70 ears to be exact! :)

Check SpellingBesides my own free child labor, I recruited Ashley's friend to help us along! :)

All 70 ears shucked and ready for the boiling pot!!! :) Aren't they pretty!!! :)

I actually used my turkey fryer to boil the corn in. I was able to put a lot more in and in this pic it's on my kitchen floor, from there I would lift out the draining insert and go to the ice bath in my kitchen sink. :)

All 70 ears drying. :)

Cutting it off the cob.

Kernels laid out to dry a little more..

5 Cups put into freezer bags. We got 6 bags, at 2 servings per bag..

The hardest lesson I'm learning about this path to self sufficiency is that, it takes a whole lot of food to have enough for my family. The corn will basically get me 12 meals.

Where and how are you all buying for large families?

From Our Home to Yours! : )


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