Friday, September 9, 2011

From Couch to 5 K...

I'm starting a fitness program. Right here at home. I'm scared! It involves running or in my case very slow jogging.. but still....oh yeah, and you sweat! I hate sweat, almost as much as I hate running.

But I need to do it. I am on a mission to become a healthy mama. I guess I am already a relatively healthy mama, but I want to become a more healthy mama! ;)

So this program is really cool. It starts out slow.. I like slow!
3 days a week. I can do that!!
Right now Week One:Day 1
5 min warm up ( brisk walk)
20 mins of walk for 90 seconds, jog for 60 seconds.
5 min. cool down.

When you are as overweight and as out of shape as I am jogging for 60 seconds is hard. There were points where I just closed my eyes, and hoped I would hit anything!!

Having a 16 year old daughter with me to encourage me, and exercise herself, along with counting down those seconds was AWESOME!!!! God I love that kid!!! I know I slowed her down a bit, but she didn't complain.

I will keep you posted as we roll along here!

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