Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you when the world stop turning? 9/11 Rememberence

I can't believe it's been 10 years since the terrorist attacks on our country.
10 years of husbands with out wives, wives without husbands, children without mothers, children without fathers, grandparents lost.
I think about all the babies that were born that year, that fathers never got to see.
They are now 10 years old.
My heart still aches for them all.

I remember it being a beautiful Tuesday Morning. At that time I had a 6 yo, a 3 yo, and a little chubby 10 month.

We left our home to travel to church for a MOPS meeting. I loved MOPS. Mothers of Preschoolers a place of encouragement, and many moms sharing our joys and trials of parenthood.

I remember pulling into the parking lot with my kids, and since I'm an avid talk radio junkie, I had been listening to the station.
They announced that they believed a small Cessna plane hit the World Trade Center. The newscasters at that time were assuming it was a small private plane.
I remember feeling like wow, that's bad.
Unloading everyone out of the car, I walked into the church and made a comment to another person there. We went into the church office to see if it was on the news yet. They had a very small television in there.
I remember standing there with my little children, watching the news and a couple of ladies were coming in saying the radio was saying a plane hit the WTC.
There was about 5 of us in the office, when while watching the news, we tried to determine to keep the meeting going or shut it down for the day.
You see where I live in Jersey is about a 2 hour commute to Manhattan, Lots of the women's husbands travel to and worked in NY. And then as we were listening intently to the news we saw the other plane hit the other tower.
I was stunned, scared, and just remember feeling like I had to get my husband and get home because we were at war.
A couple of woman whose husbands worked in the city and they were calling their wives telling them to "go home" and "wait" ... A couple were telling their wives they were sitting on the bridge in traffic and saw the whole thing happen.
It would take people a full day to get home from the city, if they were there already and hours upon hours for people who were on the bridges and saw all this unfold right in front of their eyes.
I remember driving to get my husband at work. We only had one car at this time..and thinking...
we are at war. what to we do. I really thought that another country was attacking us here on our turf.
I remember placing calls to family members who at the time were currently serving in the Armed Forces, Calling my Mom, My aunt who is a postal worker, my uncle who is a truck driver. etc. etc.
I got my hubby and we drove home, just listening to the radio the whole way. Once we got home we were stuck for days in front of the television watching all of this unfold.

One of the most odd things I remember is they banned all flights for 3 solid days. I can still recall the silence, the quietness of the earth, the stillness in the air. They say silence is deafening, and it was. In another way it was cool because I got to hear what the world sounded like before their was air traffic. It was an amazing thing.

There were many people from my town that died that day. And many more who stepped up to help.
Droves of fighter fighters, First Aid Squads, Policemen you could see driving up and down our major highways for months as they help NYC recover from this mess.
The way our country rallied together to support one another was phenomenal.

Tomorrow NJ101.5 will be airing their broadcast from 10 years ago, exactly as it happened. Tomorrow we will see the horrid footage of a ruthless attack on our country.
Tomorrow we will mourn for those that passed.
Tomorrow we will celebrate for those that lived.
Tomorrow we will Thank God for his protection of this country...AND
TOMORROW, I will continue to pray for a revival of this country!

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