Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Light, fun...

Every year, we as some point head out to see the outdoor decorations in the local neighborhoods.

When my older children were younger we use to get Mc Donalds and drive around and view lights, bigger companies use to have light shows. When hubby and I were dating we use to go to a big farm that did a wonderful light display.. but I digress, none of that is happening anymore more.

Because McDonalds is not healthy for you and because my kids all get sick from it, we cancelled our regularly scheduled pizza night this past Friday for "McEmmons" night.

I made bacon cheeseburgers, homemade fries and packed it all in paper lunch bag, with juice boxes. We loaded up in the car and had our meal while looking at all the different lights. Then we headed down to a neat store called Tractor Supply.. We had a blast in there!!!

The kids had a wonderful time.. it's these time of memories and traditions that will be passed down from my kids to their own. I look forward to watching them carry these traditions down, and love listening to them each year describe the fun they've had while continuing on with our tradition.

I have two teenagers now could say " I don't want to go" or "I have plans with" but because they value our time together they don't say that.  They look forward to it!!

We have many different traditions here in our home, and this is just one of them! But it's one of the favorites!!!

From Our Home to Yours!

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