Sunday, December 11, 2011

A guided tour of our inside Christmas Decorations..

Upon entering our home the first thing, you will see is our Christmas Tree! :) There is also a wonderful pine garland going around the room.

This shelf hangs on the opposite wall, with a beautiful garland of PEACE that my friend Christine made for me, just this year!!! I love it!

A family favorite below. A gift from a relative many years ago.  

 The Front Door entering into the house. A beautiful wreath made by friend Theresa.

 This is some cute stickers, I got last year after Christmas at Wal-Mart for 2.00...
 I got this many years ago from Avon.
Some of the children's stocking hanging here. We have them hung through out the house in a couple different locations. :)

Upon entering the kitchen, there is fresh pine hanging from the beam that goes across the whole kitchen. The Dept. 56 house grace the top of our cabinets. Hubby and I have been collecting them for years, but have had to stop due to lack of room. We love the 50's feel of them.

Vintage Signs!! Love them!!!

Upon entering the dining room, all doors have the beautiful bells wreaths hanging from them.

 This scene is set up in the bay window of the dining room. I love the caroler people and am thinking about starting a collection of them! How cute that window would look full of carolers!!! :)

I'm sure there is stuff I have missed, but this gives you a mini tour of my home!

I hope you enjoyed the visit.

From My Home To Yours~~



  1. beautiful ! i love those vintage signs the most too!

  2. Beautiful! I love those villages.

  3. all those villages...almost wish I could live a village like that.


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