Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Ok, so my step-father is a huge football fans and a lover of the Giants, sooo for super bowl Sunday we pulled out all the stops, and step up the big screen in the neighbors yard at my parents house.

 The moon coming up... beautiful isn't it?

 My dd and my stepfather, and MY bad picture taking...

 The little ones around the fire.
 The game, on the big screen.

 We're bundled up and staying warm!!!

We had a total blast, hanging out outside to watch the game. The little ones were in and out all night.
We had a feast of Chili, Ham and Cheese melts, cheese dip, crab and avacado dip, the dips were so warm and so delicious. And our fill of soda and warm coffee. 


  1. Very Cool, but Very cold... It was a great Game, Im soo glad the Giants won, even though I am a Titans fan. Yeah yeah I know they weren't any where near the superbowl.

  2. I love the big screen in the back yard. We are big Giants fans too.


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