Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First ever Mud Sale...

So this past weekend we were out at our home away from home.

We went to our first ever Mud Sale!

If you haven't been to one, what a blast.

EVERYTHING you can possible imagine is for sale!!!! From tea cups to motorcycles!

There were several auctioneers going at one time! And some stuff was dirt cheap while other stuff went a little high, just depended on what you wanted I suppose.

One thing about being out here in the middle of Amish country is they don't waste ANYTHING! and EVERYTHING is for sale!

Stuff I will find back home dumped for garbage, they sell. And people buy it too! It's kind of funny!
And the way they use things is so neat!

So there was two things, I wanted.. a wood stove was one, and a huge cast iron kettle was the other. Unfortunately both sales were going at the same time. Missed the wood stove.. it sold for $5.00. And was over bid on the pot. That sold for $125.00... Great price , I know but with dh unemployed... not going to spend that much on something.

God has been great to us. Dh had unemployment hearing yesterday.. we know out for the outcome. But in the meantime. God has given him a couple of jobs, that have been meeting all our needs.

We are truly blessed!

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  1. Oh these auctions sound fun, what a crazy name too. I hope he gets the unemployment.


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