Sunday, May 20, 2012

Healthy Snacks...

As the warmer weather approaches and the kids are outdoors more and so I am.. Our appetite naturally increases.

Here's some healthy snacks your might find around our home if your pop over for a visit.

Ice Cold Water

Homemade unsweetened ice tea

are a must for this house! We always have both on hand!!! :)

Celery is always available too, we like to stuff it with peanut butter, or with cream cheese and then top it with some walnuts!! So good.

Carrots are always on hand as well. Not the baby carrots, those are bad for you!!! And more expensive then just buying  a regular bag of carrots, that you peel and eat. We have several hand peelers on deck. Even my 3 yo can peel a carrot. :)

Apples!!! Our favorites are granny smiths, pink ladies, golden delicious and gala!! Now you can slice apple and dip in peanut butter or cashew butter.. We will eat the Granny's with cheddar or smoked Gouda cheese.  Apples and cheese go great together!

Grapes, we like seedless either red or green.. When it's super hot.. freeze the grapes.. My kids love to take them out of freezer and eat them frozen!

Bananas!!! So yummy.. You can freeze the bananas and then blend them with a little milk and it closely resembles ice cream!

We will often have whatever is in season at the time.. We do broccoli and cauliflower , cucumber slices, red/green pepper slices.

I usually have a platter of raw veggies ready to be eaten. with homemade ranch dressing.

Cucumber and beets mixed together with a little sour cream makes a great snack!! :)

deviled eggs are common around here too!!

hardboiled eggs, my kids love to just grab and egg and go!

There are lots of choices to have healthy snacks available to yourself and your children.

A mama need to take care of herself and her little chickens too!! :)

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  1. IM STARVING!!!! now that I just read all this...


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