Friday, May 18, 2012

Journey Through Unemployment 5/18/2012

Well we sent off the appeal to unemployment. Hopefully this will go through and we will be allowed to collect. If they do allow the appeal, we should get back pay for all this time he has been out of work.

What an amazing time this has been. You really do find out who your friends are when your in a tough  financial situation. 

Many offer help, I guess it's to be kind. But when you call on it. They don't return your calls.

And then others that you wouldn't expect to get help from are truly offering you anything they can do.

What a blessing that is! How wonderful to see God moving in peoples hearts.

Dh has been offered small jobs by friends of ours, things they could do themselves I'm sure but they are taking the time to offer it to dh, so they can give him a little bit of money. How grateful we are for that.

We even had a couple bring us a box of blessings. FOOD!! yeah!!!! How grateful our hearts were last night when we went to bed. God is moving.

We are blessed! We are thankful!

Our concerns right now:
utility bills
gas money for jobs that we have through our movie business.

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