Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Making a House a Home.

home is the nicest word there is.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
I think Laura said it best when describing home. Home is generally used in noun form.
To me though Home is a feeling. And it's created by the woman of the house usually.
Over the years I have taken that task to heart. I worked hard to create a home where my children and husband felt safe and loved. A place where anyone who entered our home felt comfortable, regardless of their financial status, marital status, education level, race, religion etc.
We've entertained the very rich and homeless in our home. We've broken bread with people with Masters Degrees and those who never made it past an 8th grade education.
We've had every form of religion in our home and some who believed in nothing.
We always held true to who we were though. People knew when they came to our home, they were entering a place where Christ comes first, where a bunch of children would be running around the house and laughter could be heard from three rooms away.
A place where you can always find some hot coffee, tea and even a meal waiting for you at any time.
Our doors are always open. We are always ready to receive people, who need to talk or sometimes just sit and say nothing.
One of the nicest memories I want to share is, After Hurricane Sandy destroyed our neighborhood, and we were able to go back our home was spared compared to the others.
So we immediately set up shop. We began cooking for our neighbors and helping in anyway we could. But we were blessed with a generator from a friend so our house was one the few places with lights and running water. We had charging stations set up and cords running all over our floors, and my house by my standards was a total mess.
But people would enter and thank us because among the chaos, and even beyond the mess of our home, they could feel our love and concern for them.
Many people complimented us on how among it all.. they could come there and get some peace.
I'm telling you it wasn't peaceful. We had the National Guard in and out and the Red Cross.. and strangers from all over the country who came to help.
But the atmosphere created a sense of peace.
This can be done in your homes as well ladies. You don't need money or fancy furniture. It's about creating an atmosphere where people feel loved.
It's not about gourmet meals, or a McMansion style house. You can create this in a one bedroom garage apartment or a 5 bedroom ranch.
It was such a blessing to me when my husband came home the other night and said, "it smells like home" .
I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. He's been so stressed with work and being apart that it was music to my ears.
My children are feeling secure, content and happy.
If you're a young woman, take my advice and create a home.
Your husband, children and family will thank you.
Our homes need to be our soft place to fall.
The world is full of critics, lets spread some peace and comfort to those who are the most important to us.

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