Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living off the Land.

This is something that has been on my heart for quite sometime.

I totally believe that we should make use of our land, and learn to live off it.

In colonial times if they didn't grow it, they didn't have it. Even what they could go to market and find was limited. When you think about how readily sugar is available to us now, and back then only the rich had it, or it was a special treat.

I remember in one of the Little House Series, Laura talks about how special it was for Pa to bring home sugar and tea to Ma. It was a treat.

Back to basics is where we are striving to go as a family. I've always been a from scratch cook, and using healthy ingredients, but now I'm going to try and turn my usual black tumb of death into a green thumb of fresh veggies and fruits. I'm realizing it's a lot more then watering your plants, you have to nurture them, love them, talk to them. ;) Yep, I talk with my plants while watering them. :)

Now, I live on a postage stamp! Seriously! It's a very small lot, but I've read SQUARE FOOT GARDENING BY MEL BARTHOLOMEW. It's an excellent resource if you should have a small amount of space to garden in.

Because I live near the shore my soil is sand, so that doesn't make for great growing!

My front yard was a 40x30 space. It was just neatly covered with rocks and had our fire ring and some chairs around the ring.

We shovled all the rocks out, and made 4 boxes, we then got fresh topsoil brought in 4 tons and filled the boxes and then the planting began. :)

below are some pics.

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  1. I just LOVE your garden! you used that space so wisely.


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