Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emergency Meal Challenge

So Amy over at has issued a challeCheck Spellingnge to come up with 3 days worth of meals, that require little thought in case of a disaster.

This weighs on my mind heavily, I am in a suburban area. So if stores shut down due to a disaster, I would be scared, and probably have to keep the guns handy. OR we would have to move to a 'safe' place. That is also on our mind, where we would venture too. We have family in Vermont and our camper we can take anywhere.

Now somethings we always have on hand are water, charcoal, wood, so this could be use for cooking, and ice.

I probably would first utilize what I could from refrigerator/freezer, store what food I can on what ever ice i have until that is gone and then go to meal boxes.

I think it's wise to keep a hidden stock of juice boxes, canned v-8, or sunny d bottles for this purpose as well.

Back to the meals:
Day One:
B-instant oatmeal, water bottles,
L-canned fruit, tuna, mayo crackers-water bottle, juice boxes
D- canned chili, canned fruit-water, juice boxes

Day two:
B-dried fruit, nuts, water, juice
L-beef jerkey, fruit, water, juice
D-canned ham, instant potatoes, canned veggies

Day three:
B-instant farina, water
L-pepperoni, crackers, mustard, canned oranges etc
D-canned chickenw/bbq sauce, canned fruit , canned veggies

From Our Home to Yours!


  1. Thank you for linking up! Wow! You're on top of things... all three days planned out. I'm coming over on day three... my personal favorite! My girls would think they hit the jackpot if I let them eat pepperoni for lunch!

  2. I found this from Homestead Revival's original meal challenge post. I appreciate that you took care to include all the parameters for the challenge. Though many of the other posts have a good meal ideas, they either only have one meal example, use too much water, have heated meals, or all three. This is the kind of post I was looking for to get me through the first few days when I KNOW hubby and I will be too stressed to think about food prep. Thanks a bunch!!


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