Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun in the kitchen...

It was a cold, rainy day Saturday. Much of the state was getting snow dumped on them, but we live close to the water so it didn't get quite cold enough here. We did however have freezing rain and super high winds.

We spent most of day watching movies! And staying warm.
Since we do live by the shore, when we get hit by a storm we usually head to the beach to see what the ocean is up too. She was rough and was cutting out quite a bit of sand, It was low tide when we went. The wave caps were as far out as you could see.
Here's a few pics of the ocean.

After freezing at the beach we went and got some hot coco and then headed home to make some caramel apples.

I used red delicious, I wouldn't normally use those but it's what I had... aren't they beautiful?! :)

Dark Chocolate of course, many health benefits to dark chocolate. ;)

Yummy caramel squares melting, added some heavy cream to make them really smooth.

We went for a sweet and salty mixture. Using peanuts, mini m&m's and crushed potato chips as toppings.

Dipping time!!! :)

Put in fridge for a few hours, and this is the finished product.

One mistake I made, and don't want you too, is that if doing caramel and then chocolate you have to dip in caramel let that harden in fridge, wipe off condensation with paper towel and then dip in chocolate. :) So it all doesn't run off!

They were delicious tho!!! :)

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