Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot... Hot Chocolate!!!

Here we only have one rule, never, ever let it cool!!!
hot, hot, hot... hot chocolate!!! :)

A quote from a favorite movie around here, Polar Express, and the inspiration to create a........

Hot chocolate/tea/coffee bar.

The front porch of my home is quite cold in the winter, it's not heated. But during the late morning , until about mid-afternoon the sun is shining brightly in there, making the room a pleasant, warm place to hang out. We will read, or play games, or just sit and talk. We love this room!!
Soooo, after blog hopping and seeing so many neat ideas for a hot chocolate bar, I decided to create my own. And it's located on the front porch.. It creates a neat place for us to hang out as a family and make a little warm drink, without having to be out of the room. My husband is loving it, and so are the kiddos. I'm looking forward to see what guests think, when they come in. :)

The Keurig, can be used without a cup in it, just allow the hot water to run into your mug and add instant whatever to it!

The pink and white marshmallows are peppermint, and in the other jar is a Russian Tea Mix...

From Our Home To Yours...


  1. Awesome...I burned the roof of my mouth on hot chocolate the other day...still suffering...but OH was it good.

  2. how cute. i LOVE hot chocolate. I wish we had a porch like that....sounds like a lovely space to have.

  3. What a great idea. This would be a great station for the kitchen.


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