Thursday, January 5, 2012

Purposeful Mom(ing)

There seems to be a common theme around blog land today about purposeful parenting... or more so being a purposeful mom.  I love this theme!! It's so encouraging to hear of all the different ways we can be a purposeful mom.

As a mom of many children, and a homeschooling mom... Momming with purpose it a must!!!

A busy schedule can sometimes stop me from being the best mom I can be. I get too caught up in the "wants" instead of the "needs".

I want a super clean kitchen, my children need me to hold them. I want a clean living room floor, my children need me to play on the floor with them.
I want my older children keep their rooms clean, my older children need me to hang out with them in their room.

There is purpose in the needs of my family, and not in the wants of myself.

Here's a few more purposeful mom tips, that I am working on this year.

Signing hymns to my little girls at night while they go to sleep. (instead of popping a movie in their tv)

Praying OVER my children. One of my children is so rested and smiley when I get done praying over her.

My sons like it too. It's relaxing for them to hear words of affirmation being spoken over them. Words of love, words of encouragement, words are a powerful thing.

Our tongues are noted in scripture for being double edge swords, lets allow them to doubly bless as well.

Praying for the posterity of our family.

Praying for their future spouses.

Really listening to them when they speak. Not just the standard mom nod, with-out really acknowledging what they said.

Reading allowed to all of them.

Discussing our daily scripture reading and how we can apply it. We read a Proverb and Psalm that co insides with the month and day.

Exercising with them. I take one or two with me each day when I walk. This is a great time of fellowship even with my youngest, because they feel special for the alone time with me.

If I run an errand during the day, take one or two with you. While it may be easier to get it done by yourself the one on one time with your child.. is purpose. :)

I want my children to know that I love spending time with them. It doesn't always have to be an organized time either. Leave the dishes once in a while and do something fun with your children.

Most of all enjoy your time. For they will be grown and gone within a blink of your eye.

One of my most precious goals for my children, is keeping their hearts so that they as adults will want to return home and be together with each other and with me. (and hubby of course)

~~From My Heart to Yours~~


  1. I feel much the same. Especially balancing the perfect home with a happy and God filled family.


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