Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Role of an Unofficial Doula

It's late, and we just got home from a friends house. Today we had the honor, of being at the home of a friend and her family to welcome their newest little blessing from the Lord into the world.

We, meaning my oldest daughter and I have a passion for loving on pregnant woman.

For me, I have always enjoyed each and everyone of my pregnancies..and being pampered during that time. Therefore, I began to love to do the pampering.  Being pregnant is a lot of work, your tired during 2 out of the three trimesters, you might be at some point during the pregnancy... etc. etc.

But let's face it.. Most of us enjoy being pampered just a little bit and pregnancy is the perfect opportunity. Pampering still happens for the preggos.

I am what you call and unofficial doula.. I'm not certified.. but LOVE and have a passion to help women in labor.

I think it's my call to simplicity, that I tend to compare things from now to historical times.
My mind naturally wanders to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Back then, you didn't run to the nearest hospital to don a gown and be interrupted by well meaning medical personal who take your temperature, blood pressure, blood work, and everything make sure your OK during this process of giving birth.

You home birthed. You got your closest neighbors, and if you were lucky one of them might be a midwife. Although I think back  then most women probably did qualify  as a midwife. Unlike now where you have to be certified to do everything and anything.

But home birthing is such a wonderful experience. I have never had one with my children, but I have attended several. The atmosphere is so much different. 

Today, we had some wonderful Christian music playing in the back round. One CD was a Roma Downey Cd, that not only had great music but scripture verses.. so peaceful..

We had many children coming in and out of the bedroom, to visit their mama. The was three mamas in the room. The one laboring one,(janet) myself and the sister(nadine) of the laboring mama, plus my daughter. (ashley)

To me the role of a doula, is to make sure mama and her family are well cared for and comfortable. My job is make sure mama is happy and relaxed, and whatever she says goes.

Lucky for me, I've been able to doula for all personal friends of mine or family members.

Today, we arrived on scene to the Mama having irregular contractions. After spending some time with her in her bedroom. My daughter Ashley and Nadine went down and made a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon.

I guess you should know that there was 9 children there was well today. :)

After a quick breakfast, I ran to the local grocery store for the usual suspects, milk, bread, paper plates and cups! :)

When I got back from the store, Nadine was stilling upstairs with Janet, all the children were milling about between playing outside,watching movies and playing games.  I washed dishes, Ashley help straighten out the rest of the house, Nadine was doing laundry... After a while we had a clean kitchen, happy kids...and I returned back upstairs to Janet who was laboring every so peacefully in her room.

Janet is an amazing friend, mother and sister. And an amazing woman in labor, she was calm and at peace..

At 3:50pm  a beautiful little soul entered the world, caught by her daddy, in the presence of me, Ashley and Nadine.

Welcome Jillian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Janet and Jillian soaked in an herbal bath.. Ashley and I cleaned up, made up the bed with fresh linens, got mama some water, a grilled cheese(made by nadine)  and an array of other foods.
Left it at her bedside. And we prepared dinner for the rest of the family.

We sat down to a dinner of chicken parm and spaghetti!

Earlier in the after noon the kids had made a birthday cake for the new arrival, and a family friend arrived with a delicious cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries.

Before heading home, all kids were in jammies and ready for sleep after such an eventful day.

We Thank God for Jillian, and for Janet and Jason who allowed us to be a part of their special day.

We Thank God for the bonding of woman and that deep mutual respect and love for one another.

We Thank God for his testimony in our lives, and we strive to be the best mothers, friends, and encourager's of one another.

~ From My Heart to Yours~~


  1. AMEN Carrie~ wonderfully written! <3 u always~Nadine

  2. AWESOME.. I adore Janet and think she is a wonderful person. Couldnt attend a better person. Thank you for being there for her!!(from her friend way to far away to hold her hand in person)


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