Monday, June 21, 2010

God is sooo Good...

Last week the water heater in our house went, AGAIN! I think this is the third or fourth water heater we've had to put in, within the last 10 years. UGH!

Anywho, Hubby and I are following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course and we are no longer using credit cards to make purchases. (check out dave ramsey he's awesome at

So the water heater goes and we know have to dip into our Emergency Fund, one of the baby steps, in becoming debt free. Well we already had dipped into about two weeks ago to fix surburban. SO we were a little short. And becasue we no longer have credit cards, no way to buy a new water heater.

So we prayed about it, and resided ourselves to being without one for a few weeks. For me that would mean boiling pots of water to do dishes and give baths. :)

Ok no problem this could be fun, really.... :)

So about 4 days go by, and hubby notices that a guy as the industrial park where he works happens to have a hot water heater just sitting in his garage.
Now to me, I imagine this as a choir of "aaaahhhh" and light from heaven beam down on the water heater when dh notices it. He assures me that this is not how it happened.

Anywho, the owner is not around that day. Dh comes home, tells me he saw and says I'm gonna ask how much he wants for it? I'm thrilled. God has answered our prayers he provided the much needed water heater, hopefully?!

Next day dh see the owner of the shop, and asks.."Hey, whatcha doin with that water heater?".. the guy (Mark) says, "Why, you WANT it?" Dh of course enthusiastically replies, "yes please".. and lo and behold we have a brand new, Larger then before water heater for the house!!! Praise God!! He is sooo good to us!!! For FREE!!BTW~~~

By being faithfull God provided for our need. We trusted and he gave. I love when the Lord surprises us in this way. Althought it really shouldn't be a surprise.
Scripture is clear...

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I really had resigned myself to the extra work it would take until we had the rest of the funds saved.

Check out what Dave Ramsey is teaching. Hubby and I have learned sooo much from taking the course, and we look forward to "living like noone else, so we can live like noone else".


Monday, June 14, 2010

through a childs eyes....

Matthew 25:40~And the King will tell them, `I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'

#5 is almost 2 years old. She is a sweet, fun-loving sweetie pie.

While traveling to my mom's house, we go through a town that has a huge homeless camp in it. We consistantly see the same people. Often times we will pray for them as we pass, or we talk about how we can help, and where they live.

The other day while riding through the town, our windows were down, the weather was beautiful, and the traffic was heavy. As we slowly proceeded through town, we saw the most gentle loving homeless woman, her face showd years of sun and hard work, her back was slightly curved over, she had on clothes 3 times too big for her and her hair was a white wind-blown mess. But one thing we all noticed as we sat at the red light, was her piercing blue eyes. You see we were singing, "holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty..." When she lifted her eyes from the ground and looked at us. She immediatly brought tears to my eyes, and #1 as well. But #5, well she just perked right up in her seat, and as the light turned green and we began to go, she was just waving and screaming "hi, hi, hi! " at this woman. Her smile widened. And we were on our way. Through tears we talked about "our lady" the whole way home, and we are determind to find out her story.
We have deceided that the next time we see her we will stop. And her give a bag of goodies we have made up.
We look each time we go through town, but haven't seen her again yet. But we will..and I look forward to what God will teach us through "our lady".

Children have no judgement zones, they love and care for you who are, not how you look, or even if your clean or dirty.
So when Jesus said we should be like children when we come to him, I'm confident in why. Their faith never wavers, they fear not outward appearences, and they completely give of themselves.

To have that same faith now as an adult is hard work. I pray my children never outgrow thier faith, or let life circumstances hinder it or doubt it.

I pray for that childlike faith. And am thankfull for the daily reminders my children give to me.

I am so blessed!
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