Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day each year gets a little easier to celebrate, but it does come with a hint of sadness.

16 years ago, my grandmother passed away on Mother's Day. She was a sweet, sweet woman, who would feed anyone who showed up, let your rest your head on her lap while she stroked your hair and you could just talk to her about anything. She sang like an angel, and was short and cute! She is missed greatly by all of her grandchildren, and her children as well.

Some years we head to church and do something afterwards, some years we camp, so years we just stay home and relax.

This year, we stayed home from church and had a relaxed morning. I needed I was struggling with missing my grammie. And it was a most beautiful day out. Dh and I sat out in the backyard with our coffee, just enjoying the beauty of the day. Our little girls played quietly on the swings, our bigger ones were doing their thing, but it was quite. No tv, no radio, just peace, and nice talk.

By Mid-morning the kids were asking me how I wanted to spend the day..I was tossed up between painting the swing set, or hitting my favorite park for a day of relaxation and bbqing. We went with the latter.

We put together hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, bacon, cheese, rolls, potato salad, pickles, beets, applesauce, a cake, charcoal and all the bbq necessities and headed to the park.

It was soooo crowded!! I have never seen it so full.
Luckily I found two empty tables near each other and we set up for an afternoon of fun. When we decided we were heading out to the park, I sent out a mass text inviting whoever else would want to come.
My parents came, my cousins came, a couple of friends of ours came, they in turn invited a couple of their friends and next thing we know, we had two full tables, 12 children and lots of fellowship, or lots of quiet, whatever you wanted you had it.

Jacob brought his rocket kit that he got for Christmas to the park, it was a huge hit not only with our children, but with all the other kids in tha park too! Our friends brought everything from a bat mitten set, to balls, bean bag toss, boccie balls, you name it, we had it!

Blankets were laid out for babies to play on, or mommies and daddies to rest on.

We ate, ate, and ate some more. Played with kids, walked to the creek, stuck our toes in! And just had a wonderful time of family togetherness and friendship.

My family is sooo relaxed they get along with anyone! I love people watching, so it was a great day for me to see unsaved family, hanging with us and our saved friends.
Being a good witness, just in having a bbq.

So many thanks to my family and friends for a wonderful Mother's day!

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